Weddings and Beautiful Brides Don't Just Happen They Are Planned!!

Your wedding day is as important to us as it is to you. 


Other than your dress your wedding makeup and hair is the most important part of your look.  

Weddings And Wedding Makeup

Weddings and wedding day makeup is different for every bride, but they do have one thing in common you all want them to be your own.  And why on earth not? 

What do you want from your wedding day look?  Do you want your guests to say WOW I love your contour/eyeshadow or do you want them to keep wondering why you look so gorgeous?  

Your wedding makeup and hair styling should add to your overall look, not stand out from the crowd.  And shouldn’t your overall look bring at least some of your guests to tears.  You want to look THAT amazing.  

And that is where I come in. 

Wedding Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Melbourne

I am a wedding makeup artist and hair stylist based in Melbourne.  I travel throughout the greater Melbourne area, The Yarra Valley, The Mornington Peninsula and The Macedon Ranges. 

I come to you, wherever you are getting ready, whether that is at home, at your childhood home, or at your venue. 

I will bring with me everything that I need to get you looking super gorgeous in time for your moment of glory as you enter the ceremony space for your beloved to first set eyes on you.  I want you to hear your guests gasp as the doors open and there you stand ready to walk down the aisle. 

After all, as a bride, it is your right to be the shining star.  

weddings, wedding makeup and hair styling, bridal makeup, mobile hair and makeup artistry
weddings, wedding makeup and hair styling

Weddings are very personal and the help needed is different for each bride.

Thank you for dropping by to see how we can help you. 

Even though every bride is different and wants something different for her wedding, I deal with one wedding at a time, and that is yours!  Every bride deserves my undivided attention. 

The most important part of my service to you is the pre-wedding consultation.  It helps me understand more about your special day,  and how you want it to unfold.

I will ask you lots of questions to ensure that I truly understand your vision for your special day. 

I’ll need to know all about your groom, and how the proposal went.  What you loved most about it.  I am sure you think I am a sticky nose, and it’s none of my business but it really is super important.  You want to look your most beautiful for him.  And if he loves you with minimal makeup then that is where we will start our preview. 

I’ll want to know all about your dress.  Your dress is the most important part of your day.  You’ll want the rest of your look to compliment it. 

If , for instance, you are wearing a beautiful bejewelled trumpet dress you will want your makeup and hair style to compliment it not detract from it. 

Will you be having a second dress for the reception and will this require a re-do of you entire look?  

If you will be wearing a tiara, you will want a hairstyle which the tiara will fit around, so that it still visible. 

If you will be wearing a veil, will you be wanting to wear it all through the reception or will be you taking it off after the ceremony. This will make a difference to the hairstyle as you will be wanting to remove to remove it without having to re-do your hair. 

So as you see we will need to discuss

  • your dress 
  • your groom (after all you want to look gorgeous for him) 
  • your bridal party 
  • your venue
  • obviously the time of year of your wedding

because all of these things will impact your styling.  

I’ll chat with you about your skin care regime as well, because we know that you want it to be glowing.  

Ready to take the next step? Get in touch now!!!