Pregnancy Shoots

Why a Pregnancy or Maternity Shoot

Why would you want a pregnancy or maternity shoot?  

Being pregnant is such a lovely time, you have this gorgeous human being growing inside of you.  I know you will argue with me but it is for such a short period of time.  You and mother nature are working a miracle.  

How quickly after the baby is born will you forget the beautiful time you had.  From memory, admittedly it was a long time ago, but it will happen very quickly.  

So what better way to remember this glorious time than with a Pregnancy Shoot.  

You can wear whatever it is you feel comfortable in,  jeans, dresses, dressed or bare bellies.  Most mums love the idea of having their bellies photographed, but it is not necessary.  Some mums love the idea of dressing in beautiful dresses which show off their bellies to their best.  

Some mummas want their partners present at their  pregnancy or maternity shoot.  Others want to be on their own and surprise their significant other with the photos once they come back.  Whatever sits best with you is the way we love to roll.  

Formal photos in a studio setting, or informal photos in the garden (or public gardens).  Do you play the guitar, dance ballet, or love to cook, we will make the shoot as personal to you as is possible.  Even if you think it won’t let, let us work with you to create the most beautiful pregnancy shoot for you.  

Get in touch to schedule in your shoot and let us do the rest.  We will organise to come to you and arrange your makeup and hair, making you look the best you can.  We will also organise an awesome photographer so we are all set to do this awesome time in your life justice.