Postponing your wedding due to caronavirus covid 19

Postponing Your Wedding Due To The Coronavirus Covid 19

Postponing your wedding is not something any bride wants to do. 


I am seeing so many posts from brides who are in the position where they are postponing your wedding due to the Coronavirus Covid 19.  Or worse still having to cancel their weddings  all together.   

This truly makes me sad, but there is nothing we can do about it in the present situation.  We have to follow the Government’s advice and get through this together. 


The way I see it, from a supplier’s point of view, we are in this together, and we have to stick together.


No Bride wants to cancel her wedding!


So let’s be fair.  


As long as a bride wishes to reschedule, I will be rescheduling all my Brides without punishing them more than they are already being punished.  I will be rescheduling without charging my normal rescheduling fee.  


The Coronavirus Covid 19 has put us in a situation we haven’t been in since World War II.  But I have put my thinking cap on and come up with a couple of solutions for you as well.

Thinking Outside The Box

There was an article on the news yesterday for a couple who were clever and thought outside the box.  


This got me thinking – how can you have your cake and eat it as well.


Afterall, all you as a couple want is to be married.  So let’s have a think – we have a bride, we have a groom all we really need is someone to marry you. 


In this time of unprecedented confusion I am sure that any priest / pastor / minister / celebrant would be happy to help you to have a story to tell. 


The wedding I saw on TV yesterday, the couple got married in the car park of their local church.


 All the guests were parked in the carpark and stayed seated in their cars. The minister  was up one end and the bride and groom stood holding hands, arms outstretched on the footpath in front of their guests. 

They walked up and down with huge smiles on their faces, waving to all their guests who honked the horns of the cars when the minister pronounced them married. 


As for the signing of the register, they didn’t show that, but I can imagine, that the couple would have signed with their witnesses watching from a distance, who then signed one at a time. 


I am not sure about their reception as it didn’t go into that, but they were married, and that should be all that matters. 


Under the current circumstances, I thought it was quite a novel way of adapting and overcoming.

Elopement Style Wedding

Let’s be honest, to be married it really only takes 5 people.  The Bride (you)  The Groom (your FH),  The Officiant and 2 witnesses over the age of 18. 


You could have it at home, probably in your living room, still allowing for the 4 sq metres per person. 


You could wear your beautiful dress and take mobile phone photos. 


And you are done.  Married to the love of your life.  But the story doesn’t end there. 


So now that you are married, what about all the friends and family who didn’t see you get married, those who really wanted to be there for you.

You’ve arranged a beautiful reception for more than the stipulated amount of guests, and your venue and all your other vendors have come to the party and let you postpone. 

What now???

What about on your first anniversary, having a vow renewal and a slap up party. 

You will be able to wear your beautiful gown a second time, something most brides don’t get the opportunity of doing. 

You can have your makeup artist do your makeup and hair.

You could get your celebrant to do the vow renewal.

You can get all the photos you want. 

Not the normal way of doing it but just imagine the stories you can tell your grand children. 

On-line makeup tuition

I am in the process of putting together my digital technologies (is that the right word?) 


What I am happy to do for any bride booked with me who wishes to go ahead with her ceremony only at home during this time, I am happy to get onto Facebook Chat or similar, and help you with your makeup and hair.  It may not be as relaxing as if I was doing it for you, but should you wish this service it is here for you at no charge. 


I will be up and running by the end of next week. 


Any other bride, who is not booked with me, who wishes to book me I am happy to take your booking for a 12 month out date, and offer you the same service. 


Any other bride, who is already booked with an artist not offering this service, who wishes to have this same service, please get in touch so we can discuss pricing and styles. 

On the other hand

If you are a  couple who has always wanted a small wedding at a particular venue, but couldn’t because of numbers – maybe now is the time to contact them asking if they would be willing to offer you a reduction in numbers. 


You never know, they will be fighting to stay afloat.  They may offer you a midweek date, with minimum numbers. 


If this is something you are looking at please though make sure that the contract you sign has a postponement clause without charge should the need arise. 

Coronavirus Covid 19 Help

I know I am only a hair and makeup artist, but please if you feel I can help in any way at all please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Even if it is something that I haven’t mentioned above, who knows it might be such an awesome idea I can offer it to more of my brides to help them with their dream wedding.