Mobile Hair and Makeup Artistry

Choosing your mobile makeup artist for your special occasion can be an arduous task. You see all the photos on the internet but you really don’t know who or what you need. A professional artist is there to help you feel your most beautiful, confident, glamorous self.

Whether it’s for a job interview, birthday party or your wedding, it is the job of the makeup artist to have you looking your most glamorous best. You can do your makeup for your day to day requirements.  The same makeup, however,  is not necessarily photo friendly or long lasting enough for your wedding day. 

So how do you actually choose your mobile makeup artist?

  • Look at before and after photos actually done by the artist – look for before photos that you relate to.  Do you have splotchy red skin, do you have dark circles under your eyes, is your nose crooked?  Then look for those before photos.  Do the after shots of those conditions make you go WOW.  Have those conditions been minimised to your liking?  Would you feel happy with the results??
  • Meet up with the makeup artist.  Go and have a coffee with them.  Chat to them.  Would you be happy to have them up close and personal with you on your wedding day?  Wedding day preparations are often done in confined spaces.  Let’s be real, hotel rooms or venue bridal suites aren’t that big.   It is a long day to have someone that rubs you the wrong way in your close proximity.
  • Have a bridal preview.  Have the mobile makeup artist (and hair stylist if they don’t do both) do a preview.  Do your preview at a time similar to what you would be getting ready on your big day.  If it’s a lunch time wedding, do your preview at 9am.  That way you will be ready and the makeup will have the time to wear as it if was your wedding day.  Keep checking the makeup during the day.  Take selfies at different intervals, especially if the makeup does something that you don’t think it should.  Photos are your best friend to explain to the makeup artist what went wrong.  It is really hard to work out what a bride means when she says “it just didn’t look like I wanted it to”.  Don’t be scared to tell the artist what it is you’d like to see.
  • Preview work your artist has done on photographer’s sites.  Mine link to my old name of Mobile Hair and Makeup Artistry as I have just changed over to All Glammed Up, incorporating my wedding business with my beauty business to give you the best of both worlds.
  • What sort or makeup does the artist use?  Does your artist use professional photo friendly makeup?  We have all seen some of the tragic makeup jobs on the red carpet etc.  These celebrities have whole teams of people to ensure they look their best, but it still happens to them.  So how easy it for this to happen to you?  The actual makeup used in the application can make a huge difference.  The makeup used on your special day needs to be able to withstand some very rigorous tests.  And it is not necessarily the most expensive that is the best, but also not all the less expensive brands are out of the question.

If you’ve made it this far, you obviously want the best photos of your wedding.  I would love to chat with you, so get in touch and we can catch up.  xx