The CoVid19 Virus and the precautions I am
taking to ensure the safety of my clients.

The CoVid19 Virus and the precautions I am taking to ensure the safety of my clients.

The health and safety of my clients is always paramount in my mind.  In the current climate it is important that we all look after each other.

I understand that events like weddings and engagements etc are planned well in advance and cancelling is not something anyone wants to do at late notice.

It is my plan to honour all commitments already made, unless of course it is taken out of my hands and the Government locks us down.  Should I be feeling unwell, I will do my utmost to ensure that I have someone else take my place and complete your event.

How will I look after your health in light of the CoVid19 Carona Virus

Firstly, if I learned nothing else from Beauty School other than hygiene, that was enough to ensure that it has always been my practise to super hygienic in my makeup business. 

I always use a hand sanitiser before each and every makeup application.  This removes the bulk of all germs but is now no longer good enough. 

I now ask that you have a bathroom / laundry available for me to wash my hands and forearms thoroughly before and between clients. 

If that means there are 3 in the bridal party, it will mean I will need to wash my hands at the beginning, between each of you, and then again before I go home. 

Coming from a Beauty Therapy background before my makeup training, both industries being super vigilant in the spread of germs and diseases, it has always been my practise to use clean brushes on each client. 

I have never been one to use minimal brushes and cleaning them between clients with a brush cleaner.  This only sanitizes them, it does not disinfect them.  To me this is just not hygienic enough.  Your health is way more important to me. 

It makes me sad, to see that there are artists out there who do not adhere to these simple practises and use dirty brushes on clients. 

It has long been my stand with models, encouraging them to stand up for their rights to have clean brushes used on them. 

What is the difference between sanitising and disinfecting?

Think of sanitising as reducing the germs on an item and disinfecting as killing those same germs.

I use a clean set of brushes for each client, and then set them aside.  They will be thoroughly cleaned when I get home. 

My 3 Step Brush Cleaning System.

  1. Firstly, I remove all makeup residue using a makeup remover.
  2. Secondly, I wet wash them with a 99% hospital grade bacterial disinfectant, obviously rinsing well.
  3. They are then left to air dry. Once they are completely dry, they get sprayed with Isoproply alcohol to ensure that they are totally disinfected. 

Airbrush Makeup -
The Best Way of Avoiding Transfer of Germs.

I am now doing more airbrush applications than ever.  The benefit of this is that there is no actual skin contact (other than the eye makeup) thus cutting down the risk of contamination even further. 

Traditional Makeup Application

Should I need to use traditional foundation on you requiring a sponge for application, it has always been a disposable sponge NEVER  one of those fancy blending sponges. 

Have you ever tried cleaning one of those blending sponges?  I did as an assignment a Beauty School, and let me promise you they can’t be cleaned properly let alone disinfected. 

Application Procedure

As per my usual practise, liquid and cream products have always been removed from the container by squirting the products directly from the bottle, or using a disinfected stainless steel spatula and being decanted onto either a disinfected stainless steel palette or the back of my washed and disinfected hands. 

Normal germs can’t breed in a dry climate, and for this reason it is OK to use the eyeshadows directly from the palette.  But while we have the uncertainty about us with this CoVid19 virus, eyeshadows will be scraped from the palette onto a tissue to avoid double dipping into them.  This will avoid the chance of cross contamination. 

If you wish me to, I will also wear disposable gloves and a mask.

How I will ask you to help me?

I ask that if you are feeling unwell and presenting with flu like symptoms, that you let me know so that we can work through the situation.

If any of your guests or bridal party have flown in from overseas, I ask that you let me know also, especially if they are unwell, so that we can discuss how to proceed with your appointment.

Should you or your party have an infectious disease like cold sores, please let me know in advance so that I may come prepared with disposable brushes to ensure sterility. 

It is my intention to honour all possible appointments and it will help immensely if you are open and honest with me in the process.   I retain the right to ensure that your health or mine is not jeopardised in the process.