Mobile Hair and Makeup Artistry

I am sure you have heard the saying “Your brows should be sisters not twins” haven’t you?  

Have you been to have your brows done and come away less than happy?

I am here to change your mind!

Brow shaping, brow sculpting, brow tweezing

Brows are extremely important to how we look.  

Have you ever seen the photos of people with no brows?  How funny and different do they look?  Those squiggly line brows, look really silly don’t they?  

So what I hear you say, no-one can help me!  Not true!!

Painless Brow Arching is now available!!!

Phone now to book your appointment to see how we can help you with your new twins.  

Yeah, yeah I know there is no such thing as “painless” brow arching right.  That is exactly what I thought before I attended the class where I learned this amazing tweezing technique.  All without numbing needles and gels. 

Of course, if you prefer waxing that is still available  as well.   And every brow treatment will receive a FREE tint until the end of March.  

How Brows Have Changed Over the Ages

Brows have changed greatly over the ages, and some of us are still suffering.  But if you aren’t as old as me and your follicles haven’t died off like mine have, I have a couple of ideas up my sleeve that may help you with growing them back.  I can’t promise anything but it’s worth a try right?  

You Are Busting To Give It A Try!!!

So call us now to make your appointment