Unbelievable Before and After Photos

Before and After images are a great way to get an impression of what the artist can achieve.  I actually won’t work without a preview.  It allows us to ensure that we are on the same page, that I have understood your vision.  It also saves worry on your behalf in the leadup to the wedding. 

It is however, not the only way.  If it is a super important occasion such as your wedding,  you can always request a preview with the artist.  This way you will know for sure if they are the artist for you. 

When you are looking at before and after photos check that they have been taken in the same light, and the same position to ensure that you are getting an accurate interpretation of the client’s features.   

If the images you are looking at aren’t in the same lighting, beware.  Changing the lighting, especially if it is dramatically different can totally alter the end result.  

Getting a client to smile for the first photos is often difficult because they are not feeling the way they want to.  But often you will find that in the after photo, the smile is so broad that it is over powering.  

You are more than welcome to check out our portfolio,  the photos there are different to the ones here.