Beauty Treatments Are Now Available

Lash Lifts are one of the most sought after beauty treatments performed by Mobile Hair and Makeup Artistry.  

As Monika is a qualified beauty therapist this is part of her normal day.  

The reason lash lifts are so sought after is that you can do anything with them that you can do with your normal lashes all the while looking amazing.  

During a lash lift your lashes are lifted from the roots so that they point up to your brows.  This opens your eyes allowing more light to reflect from the retina making your eyes appear larger and more alluring.  

Whilst we are doing your lash lift, we also tint those lashes, most of the time making them appear longer than you ever thought they could be.  

Another great feature of a lash lift is that no matter how much you cry there will be no panda eyes on your special day.  Have you had a look at the other treatments we can offer you in preparation or your special day.  

Read more about our Beauty Treatments here.  

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