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Being a Bridal Makeup Artist is an awesome responsibility.  Your wedding day is probably the most photographed day of your life.  And the responsibility of making you shine in your photos lays directly on the shoulders of your bridal makeup artist. 

There are two kinds of brides I love to work with.  Those who have been thinking about this day for their entire life.  They have been planning this since they were 5 years old. 

Or those who have been thoroughly swept off their feet and don’t really know how it has happened to them. 

Both of these scenarios are so romantic and make for the most beautiful days. 

Your Wedding Day Is the Most Photographed Day In Your Life

Because your wedding day is probably the most photographed day you will ever be a part of, you want your look to remain flawless from the time you leave the chair to the time you hit your hotel room at the end of the night. 

This can be anywhere between 15 – 18 hours, depending on the time your bridal makeup artist starts this process with you. 

You also don’t want to be worrying about having to touch up at every turn, and it is with this in mind that we use only the most highly rated professional products in our kit. 

The Importance of Professional Bridal Makeup

But why do I need to use a professional bridal makeup artist I hear you say.  Having your bestie offer their services for your wedding day might sound like a great idea, but what if????

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should!   

  • Timing
  • Money
  • Stress
  • Photos and
  • Results
Let’s take a look at each of these important factors individually.  

* Timing

Timing – I know it’s OK for the bride to be fashionably late, but you don’t want to keep your man waiting any longer than you need to. 

But if your makeup runs late, you may miss out on all those important getting ready photos.  Or even worse, your photographer may not get to the service on time to make sure they get set up to capture those photos. 

* Money

It sounds like a bit funny that hiring a professional bridal makeup artist will save you money.  But just think about this way – buying everything you will need for your look could cost you upwards of $500.

So depending on what your artist charges you, the savings could be enormous. 

And you would need to replicate this for each of your bridesmaids. 

* Stress

When was the last time your makeup was done by a friend? I’m guessing it’s not within the past 10 years.

Although it can seem like a fun idea to have a friend or relative do your wedding day makeup it can quickly turn into a very stressful situation for you both.

Tensions tend to run high on the wedding day and even if you are a calm person by nature when you sit down in the makeup chair and your mind has time to wonder about all the action happening around you it can turn into a stressful situation.  So if your friend lacks the required knowledge it can turn out quite differently to what you had hoped.  

* Photos

Your photos matter way more than you would think.  They will be hanging on your wall for years to come.  Your babies will be looking at them with pride and showing them off to their friends. 

I spoke to a couple of wedding photographers and their advice was that brides who have hired professional bridal makeup artists look more relaxed in their photos.  They radiate when the camera is pointed at them. 

Also the photos are easier to edit and therefore will come back to you much more quickly. 

This may be something to think about. 

* Results

Results are all important and it is the team at Mobile Hair And Makeup Artistry’s job to tailor a look to suit your style, all the while ensuring that it is long lasting, flawless and camera friendly. 

Our team can  also provide airbrush makeup should you wish.  Please have a look at some of our previous work here.  

Bridal Makeup Preview

You want your wedding day makeup to last and for this very reason I strongly suggest that the bridesI service have a makeup preview.   During this preview we will eliminate the wedding day stress.  We will  discuss makeup styles, hair styles, coloours and best of all your dress.     

Having all this information to hand  will also ensure that I have understood your style completely. 

How fun would it be to do this in your pj’s?

Previews are not necessary for Formals and Debs, but can be arranged should you so wish.     

Your Hair Should Go Hand In Hand With Your Overall Styling

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This gorgeous photo was taken by Joss Jensen Photography and was taken at Lyrebird Falls in the Dandenongs 

Your beautiful gown should be topped off with the perfect hairstyle.  Did you know that your hair can dramatically change the way you look?

Your mobile hair stylist will consult with you to ensure that your hair will enhance not only your best features but also your gown.  

You deserve to feel confident that you can spend a great deal of time on the dance floor without your hair dropping and falling, after all you want your final photos of the night to look as amazing as the first. 

If you take a sneak peak at the blog here, you will also see that we can help you with all things skin related.  `

Mobile Service

Were you aware that I offer a mobile service as your bridal makeup artist?  

Well I do.  I travel to you wherever you are getting ready, whether that is at your home, at your childhood home,  at a swanky hotel, or even at your venue.  

As long as I have access to power, I am totally flexible and want nothing more than for you to relax and enjoy your day.  

Special Occasion Makeup by Melbourne Bridal Makeup Artist

Feel free to have a look at the some of our previous work here to get an idea of what can be achieved.  Or even pop on over to our Before and After photos.  


I had my wedding on the 26th of last month and I had Monika and the team do my hair and makeup. They did a fabulous job and we couldn’t have been happier. Thanks Monika

Sheyenne Gordon Walker – Happy Bride 

Looking for the right makeup artist? Are you looking for that special do as well for your special occasion. Look no further than Monika from Mobile Hair And Makeup Artistry. She is talented in every way and will you look like you are ready to strut that red carpet event! Thank you Monika for such a great job, I will use you for all my up-coming events.

Jessica Lee – Happy Client 

Mobile Makeup Artist Melbourne